Event photos

You can check out the photos made at the event in two albums. Event photos made by Twycer Portraits made by the Satellietgroep (Hugo Schuitemaker)    

Making Waves media coverage

Please find a short overview of Making Waves media coverage below (mostly in Dutch). Newspaper: 'Ik noem Nederland vaak als voorbeeld hoe het moet' (AD/Algemeen Dagblad, 07-9) Newssites: Denk groot, begin klein, maar begin…

Making Waves - the winners

During Making Waves seventeen innovations battled to represent the Netherlands at the semi-final of Ideas from Europe. The difficult task to choose one of them was in the hands of the Making Waves jury. Besides one winner, four runners-up were…

Making Waves = Making Deals!

#MakingWavesNL was all about Making Deals: throughout the day deals were made on and offline, during the show, in special sessions on innnovation dilemma's and one on one meetings. Find a selection of the deals that were photographed by LEF…
Qualifying rounds