Clearing surface water from eutrophication and toxic algae blooms

Phosphorus is an important nutrient needed to sustain a high food production for a growing world population. However, sources of phosphate rock are finite and much of the phosphorus ends up in our surface water. There it is the main cause for eutrophication and (toxic) algae blooms. The US Great Lakes, Florida, the Yellow Sea in China and the Baltic Sea in Europe suffer every year from severe algae blooms. To combat this, phosphorus needs be removed to very low concentrations at a reasonable cost. Wetsus has developed the NaFRAd technology that can do exactly this with a very small footprint. At the same time it recovers the phosphorus in re-useable products so that we can sustain our food production in the long run.

IFE finalist + Acceleration session 3 – Challenges for materials made from waste

SDG’s: Zero hunger, Clean water and sanitation, Responsible consumption and production, Life below water, Life on land
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