Dikes made of dredge

Siltation of rivers and lakes is a worldwide environmental and economic problem as well as the increasing sea level rise due to climate change. Sediment from lakes, canals and rivers is continuously dredged to maintain the water depth, flow capacity and storage of water to prevent flooding. At this moment most of the dredged sediment is transported to depots as waste. This is an enormous missed opportunity, since the sediment can be reused as main construction material for the construction of flood protection works and even housing!

As R&D, Engineering and Consulting company, NETICS is thé expert when it comes to stabilising and reusing dredged sediments. NETICS holds the expertise and unique knowledge to dewater and strengthen large quantities of dredged sediment for beneficial reuse. Together with municipalities and contactors we can protect the deltas in the future by using locally available (free!) sediment.

One minute pitch on stage + Acceleration session 2 – Public investments in pilots: constraints and opportunities

SDG’s: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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