The Netherlands as topsoil supplier of Europe

The management and maintenance of the Dutch river system is under pressure. Due to climate change, tight budgets and the increasing demand of our current society to respond to current and local developments in the region new solutions are sought for. One of the items is the degradation of soil. This calls for a different view on river management and how we value our resources.

The SSRS program strives after tangible opportunities based on the potential of the rivers. Using smart collaborations we aim to achieve an affordable, reliable and sustainable management of the river system.

As mentioned, one of our projects focusses on land degradation. Agricultural yields, soil nutrient stocks, land subsidence, water availability and flows, and carbon emissions are all affected by a deterioration of land condition. This phenomenon is not limited to desert areas only. Our relatively young polders and drier sandy areas face the very same problem.

The sludge from our rivers can contribute to a solution, because it contains valuable minerals.
Our challenge is to build a supply chain with several partners. Despite the fact that we live in a fertile delta, we still face issues with land degradation. Connecting land use to the river system can make The Netherlands a topsoil supplier for Europe, and prove that SSRS works.

Acceleration session 3 – Challenges for materials made from waste

SDG’s: Zero hunger, Clean water and sanitation
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